pLOT v1.0.16c


Current Version: 1.0.16c

Bug fix

  • There was a bug in the chromatogram viewer such that if the user searched for a sequence and clicked on the result, the window would scroll to the incorrect position if the chromatogram had been flipped to the antisense.  That should now be fixed.



pLOT v1.0.16c full install file [Link]

This update is only available as a full installation file.  It is highly suggested that you uninstall the any prior versions before installing this update.  Please note that on some systems, an error pops up during the install process asking you to abort, retry or ignore.  If this happens, choose the Ignore option.

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Older releases

Version: 1.0.16b 


pLOT v1.0.16b full install file [Link]


  • The toolbar at the top of the screen for editing some of the properties of features has been replaced by a dockable toolbar that has fields for all of the properties.  Changes are committed as the user makes them.  A Revert button resets the feature properties to what they were at the time you clicked on it.  Ctrl+T shows or hides the Tool bar.  Double clicking the title bar or The clicking the restore button docks/undocks the bar.

Bug fix

  • A bug that could cause the program to crash when the split window was detached has been fixed.
  • A bug that sometimes showed the text color in the Sequence editor window has been fixed.

Figure 1.  The Dockable toolbar and split window in docked positions.

Figure 2.  The toolbar and split window undocked

Version: 1.0.16a

Sequence Editor Updates

  • The Sequence Editor window now displays feature colors as background highlighting instead of as the text color to make light colored feature sequences easy to read.

Annotations Editor Updates

  • The Annotations Grid interface has been updated.  Tab or escape while editing now correctly exits edit mode.  Clicking the Delete or Backspace erases the contents of the cell.
  • Clicking the Hide/Show cell for a feature graphic or label automatically toggles without dropdown boxes.
  • Fixed bug that caused SGrid to crash if feature was added when no others were present

Restriction Enzyme Window Updates

  • Partial word search in the RE Window over the single enzyme selection list. Pressing enter adds the enzyme to the list.
  • In the Enzyme Mix tab, clicking the name of a previously added mix causes the enzymes in the list to be highlighted in the selection list box to make it easy to add or change the mix without having to select all of the enzymes manually every time.

Main Window and Misc. Updates

  • The old toolbar in the main window has been replaced with a movable toolbar.
  • pLOT now has embedded high resolution icons.  pLOT files should show in the new icon image instead of the old pixelated one.
  • If a primer binds to more than one place in the sequence, hovering over one of the primer’s labels causes all of the labels to highlight to make it easy to see instances of multiple binding sites.
  • The Virtual Gel window now has a statusbar at bottom to display the band length the mouse is hovering over.
  • A bug in opening .pl2 format that resulted in empty features being added is fixed.


The New Toolbar

Updated Sequence Editor Window


  • The Annotations window uses an updated Grid/Worksheet like interface (See picture below)
  • Fixed a bug in the Zoom in/out  so that the map no longer shows shifted during the zooming
  • A bug in the last release causing the categories dropdown box in the Library Editor window to not display the menu on right click has been fixed
  • Primers Window now accepts CSV format files for importing primers as well as the previously accepted tab.


  • A bug in the “Convert Primer to Feature” menu item has been fixed.
  • Double clicking on the main window when no files are loaded now opens up the Enter Sequence window.
  • Homing nuclease names have been fixed and now show up correctly in the list box in the RE window. They had incorrectly showed a special character after the name.
  • Copying to the clipboard as pLOT Feature Format is now the default for copying to the clipboard.
  • The copy to clipboard format has been tweaked. The pLOT feature details are now retained for pLOT while pasting to non-pLOT programs such as text editors will pass only the raw sequence.
  • Copying bands from the gel window uses the new CB format.


  • Fixed an issue with the items “Move to First” and “Move to Last” in the drawing order in the Feature’s popup menu.
  • Fixed the restriction site for BcnI


  • Fixed an issue with a crash when loading the chromatogram viewer

Added features (1.0.15i/j)

  • Customizable menu systems with option to change color and style in the Preferences window.  This menu system is a slightly modified version of a menu library written by Steve McMahon.  All credit for the menu code goes to him.
  • Copying a feature to the clipboard can now be done using the additional “as pLOT Format” option.  Pasting the copied data to the pLOT View/Edit window inserts the sequence and the feature annotation information as well.  Pasting the data to the New window likewise retains the feature annotation information.
  • The mouse wheel is now recognized for zooming in or out.  Using the mouse wheel while holding down the Control key changes the zoom.  When zoomed in, using the mouse wheel will scroll the map up or down in the window.
  • The Feature’s popup menu now includes “Move to the First” and “Move to Last” which will move the feature to the top or bottom of the drawing order.

Bug fixes in version 1.0.15i

  • This update fixes a bug that could cause pLOT to retrieve feature names from .pl2 formatted files.
  • A bug in the Zoom in code has been fixed and the map should now scale appropriately.

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