pLOT 1.0.14j


pLOT 1.0.14j fixes a bug that stopped the rename box to pop up if the plasmid name was double clicked when no features were annotated on the map.  Additionally, the graphic pull down menus have been changed from text based to image based (See Figure 1).  The rename box when features or their labels are double clicked has been replaced with a small feature annotation editing window like the one in the View/Edit Sequence window (Figure 2) to allow easier changes to features.

Figure 1. The Updated graphic pull-down menu

Figure 2.  The updated feature editor when double clicking a feature or its label.


pLOT v1.0.14j patch file [Link]

pLOT v1.0.14j full install file [Link]

You can download the patch alone and copy the plot.exe file to your installation directory (default is c:\program files(x86)\plot) if you have previously installed 1.0.13b or later.  Please note that on some systems, an error pops up during the install process asking you to abort, retry or ignore.  If this happens, choose the Ignore option.

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