pLOT 1.0.13g


pLOT 1.0.13g fixes two few bugs one can cause crashes under certain circumstances in the annotations window and the other in the View/edit sequence window.  Going forward, the features library file will no longer be included in the initial installation setup.  Instead, the features can be downloaded using the updates menu.

Note that there is still an issue with exporting the plasmid map as a vector format image.  This will be addressed in the future.


pLOT v1.0.13g patch file [Link]

pLOT v1.0.13g full install file [Link]

You can download the patch alone and copy the plot.exe file to your installation directory (default is c:\program files(x86)\plot) if you have previously installed 1.0.13b or later.  Please note that on some computers, an error pops up during the install process asking you to abort, retry or ignore.  If this happens, choose the Ignore option.

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