pLOT 1.0.13f


pLOT 1.0.13f fixes a few bugs (listed below) and adds a new graphic for features.  The Line Arrow is similar to the box arrow but does not have a border and can be reduced in size further than the box arrow.   Additionally, you can now change the display format of sequences by right clicking the split window to pop up a menu with display options.  The width of features have been slightly increased so that features can be drawn thinner than previously allowed.  Finally line thickness (for lines and tickmarks) and width (for boxes, box arrows, etc…) have been merged to one unit (width) with the program adjusting for the type of feature automatically.

Note that there is still an issue with exporting the plasmid map as a vector format image.  This will be addressed in the future.

You can install the patch alone if you have previously installed 1.0.13b or above.  Please note that on some computers, an error pops up during the install process asking you to abort, retry or ignore.  If this happens, choose the Ignore option.

Figure 1.  Map with the Amp ORF set as the standard Box Arrow

Figure 2. The updated Change Graphics menu with the line arrow option

Figure 3. The Amp ORF set as a line arrow (color changed as well for visibility)

Figure 4. The display format popup menu can be accessed by right clicking the split window bar immediately below the map.


Bug fixes

– Fixed bug that didn’t add the last primer of a batch add
– Fixed bug that didn’t set color transparency of primers converted to features
– Fixed graphic bug with 1bp features drawn as arrows or headless arrows
– Fixed bug that didn’t immediately update label colors when changed.


pLOT v1.0.13f patch file [Link]

pLOT v1.0.13f full install file [Link]

If you use the patch, you must have previously installed 1.0.13b or above.

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