pLOT 1.0.13b


pLOT 1.0.13b fixes several bugs and introduces a number of new features listed below.  This update requires a full installation.


– Chromotograms are now viewable for .abi files.  When you open an Abi chromatogram the chromatogram window will automatically open up.  A will also button appears next to the Undo/Redo buttons allowing you to open the chromatogram if you’ve closed it.
– Primer caterogories that have been toggled active/inactive using the primer label toggle button remain so when opening new files and after quitting.
– Feature library updated to allow for updates via web.  If feature additions or updates are available, you will be prompted to update or ignore the updated features.
– Search algorithm updated.
– An Undo restore point is now set set after adding sequences found from the Search window
– Ladder Manager allows you to enter and edit ladder band values
– Hovering over primer category in selection menu displays number of primers in the current seq from that category
– Primer comments allow multiple lines
– Primer storage location field to allow you to note in the primer library where in the lab the stock tubes are stored.
– A right mouse click on a primer label brings up a menu option to convert the primer to feature stored in the file
– A left click on a primer label displays the primer’s sequence in the lower window.

Chromatogram viewer and the Show Chromatogram window button

Right click on a primer brings up the option to add the primer binding site as a feature.

This will only mark the minimum binding length specified for that primer in the library

Ladder manager.  To open, click the Tools>Ladder Manager menu item


pLOT v1.0.13b full installation file [Link]

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