pLOT 1.0.12j (final release version)


This is the final pLOT 1.0.12j patch.  A pre-release was released earlier to take car of a bug.  This release fixes more bugs including those listed below.

This patch will work with the 1.0.12f full installation if the pLOT.dll file included in the patch is also copied.  An updated version of the default features library is included.  A full installation of this version is also linked below at the end of the post. 

New Features

  1. pLOT can now open Clone Manager (*.cm5) and SnapGene (*.DNA)  files.  Most of the features from those files import to the pLOT map but some may not yet be accounted for and I will be working on improving the compatibility in the future as time permits.
  2. pLOT now incorporates notes for features and those notes are added along with the feature to the library when the “Add feature to library” menu item is used.
  3. Enzymes displayed on the map due to the filter can be added as selected anzymes and are stored in the save file.

Figure 1.  Clone Manager displaying the pX459 (v2) genbank from Addgene

Figure 2. pLOT opening the the CloneManager file above

Figure 3. The above file after the features were removed using the “Erase all features” menu item followed by the “Annotate from Library” menu item.

Bugs fixed

  1. Some crashes happened when editing the sequence in the Edit Sequence window.  Until I locate the bug, there is a temp fix that shows an error but doesn’t crash the program.
  2. A bug that gave an error when adding a feature to the library when there was only a single feature on the map.
  3. A bug that caused errors annotating features on the antisense strand that used a “-” gap character.
  4. The “Headless Arrow” feature option is now selectable in the Edit Library window.
  5. Arrows (with and without tines) no longer extend backwards inappropriately when the graphic is a very short length.
  6. The file extension is no longer added in the default plasmid name to files that do not explicitly name the vector.

pLOT Download Links

pLOT v1.0.12j Patch only [Link]

pLOT v1.0.12j full installation file [Link]

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