pLOT 1.0.12h


pLOT 1.0.12h is now up.  This is a patch that fixes a few bugs and also adds several new features.  First, when you hover the mouse over a feature graphic, the graphic and its corresponding label are now highlighted.  The highlighted feature is also brought to the front of the drawing order while your mouse hovers over it and then returns to it’s original drawing order when the mouse leaves the feature.  The same applies for hovering over feature labels.  Example images are shown below.  You can change what color highlights feature graphics in the preferences.  The default is the color chosen for the backgrounds of labels when highlighted.  Secondly, clicking a restriction site will now cause the  site to be highlighted if you open the View/Edit Sequence window just like feature sequences did when clicked.

This patch requires the 1.0.12f installation to work and will not work with earlier installations.

 Fig. 1  pX459 with the mouse not hovering on a feature or label

Fig. 2  pX459 with the mouse hovering over the lower drawing order feature “Complete ORF”

Fig. 3  The preferences window showing the highlight color preferences

pLOT 1.0.12h Download Links

pLOT v1.0.12h  Patch only [Link]

pLOT v1.0.12f  full installation file [Link]

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